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  China has started looking into creating a 'high-speed flying train' that could reach speeds of 2485 mph (4000km/h) according to state-run space contractors.   据中国官方太空承包商,中国已开始考虑开发一种高速飞行列车,速度可以达到每小时2485英里(4000公里/小时)。   The 'flying train' is a passenger pod that travels through a vacuum tube using magnetic levitation - similar to Elon Musk's Hyperloop which is looking to reach speeds of 760 mph (1200 km/h).   这种“飞车”是一个乘客舱,穿过一个利用磁悬浮的真空管道----类似于速度将能达到760英里每小时(1200公里/小时)的马斯克超级高铁。   If the project goes through as planned this super train could move at four times the speed of commercial flights and three times the speed of sound.   如果项目按计划实施,这个超级列车可以以商业航班的速度四倍和三倍音速的速度运行。   The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) owns more than 200 patents for the project writes Quartz.   中国航天科工集团公司(CASIC)将从这项工程中获得超过200项专利。   CASIC claims their tube system will be the first designed for supersonic speeds - although their first aim to to hit more modest speeds of 621 mph (1000km/h).   CASIC声称他们的这种管道系统设计为超音速将属首次——所以他们的第一个目标是达到更保守的621英里每小时(1000公里/小时)的速度。   The contractors announced they would be transporting the 'flying train' to sixty or so countries across Asia the Middle East Europe and Africa.   承包商宣布他们的“飞车”将在亚洲国家、中东、欧洲、和非洲等60左右的国家运行。   They gave no timeline along with their announcement.   他们的声明没有给出时间表。   The 'flying train' would also be ten times faster than the world's fastest bullet train - which is also in China.   “飞车”也会比世界上最快的子弹头列车快10倍——它也在中国。   Chief designer Mao Kai dismissed concerns about tickets being too expensive for normal people.   总设计师毛凯驳回了对于普通人票价太贵的担忧。   Earlier this month Hyperloop One completed the first successful test of the passenger pod for its radical transport system marking what the firm says is the debut of 'the dawn of a new era of transportation'.   本月早些时候,超级列车首次成功完成了乘客舱测试,对于交通抱有乐观态度的公司声称这是“这是一个新的交通时代的黎明”。   The Hyperloop One XP-1 the company's first-generation pod accelerated for 300 meters and glided above the track using magnetic levitation before braking and coming to a gradual stop.   Hyperloop一XP-1公司的第一代列车舱加速为300米,在刹车之前,他在磁悬浮轨道滑行,而后逐步停止。   The July 29 2017 tests hit record test speeds travelling nearly the full distance of the 500-meter DevLoop track in the Nevada desert.   2017年7月29日在内华达州的沙漠里的测试,以达到测试记录的速度在跟踪轨道上运行了500米的距离。   'This is the beginning and the dawn of a new era of transportation' said Shervin Pishevar Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Hyperloop One.   “这是一个新的交通时代的开始和黎明”,超级列车的创始人和执行主席Shervin Pishevar说。   【以下是评论部份】   Ionising Radiation Geostationary Orbit United Kingdom 14 hours ago   Meanwhile back in the UK the government persists with iron rails and HS2. Old tech before a track is laid.   而与此同时,我们的英国政府仍在坚持使用旧的铁轨和HS2,甚至是更老的技术。   SG4E Plymouth United Kingdom 14 hours ago   If this train left Edinburgh it would be past London before it started breaking. Horses for courses.   我打赌,如果这辆火车从爱丁堡出发,它将在到达伦敦之前坏掉。   A11001L Please fill in this section United Kingdom 12 hours ago   I would rather they pump money into existing infrastructure then wasting it on something that is going to be out of date before it's even built. Why does everyone have this need to get everywhere those couple of minutes faster? At least there's a chance of surviving a 100mph crash imagine what you'd look like if this thing broke from the rails at two and a half thousand a smear maybe?   我宁愿他们把钱花费在现有的基础设施上,甚至是浪费在一个会被淘汰的地方上。为什么每个人都喜欢一个几分钟就能到达任何地方的速度呢?   有这样的需要,到处都是几分钟快? 在100英里/小时的车祸中,至少我们还有幸存下来的可能,但是想象一下,如果这东西出了事,你会是什么样子呢?   davidpollard64 manchester 14 hours ago   bet will be cheaper than HS2   我打赌,它将会比HS2更便宜。   Monalisa Oak London United Kingdom 13 hours ago   But it will cost you to insure your life to travel this super duper train made by Chinese with guarantee you will reach safely to your destination.   但这种中国造的超级骗子列车能保证你的花费够你生活出行,保证你能安全到达目的地。   Marvin666 Liverpool United Kingdom 12 hours ago   Their Bullet trains seem to be doing ok !!   他们的子弹头列车看起来做得还不错!!   GodofWar Sheffield United Kingdom 13 hours ago   C hina just pretty much steal other people's ideas.   中国就只会剽窃别人的创意。   ThoughtsOfACommonMan Reading United Kingdom 13 hours ago   It sounds like a larger version of those money tubes you found in old department stores. The ones used to send money from the till to the cashier and send change back.   听起来就像是旧百货店里那些钱筒的大号版本。那些钱筒用来把钱从钱柜传递到收银员,再把零钱传递回去。   Tim Eforerevolt No mans land United States 12 hours ago   They need to get escalators right first before attempting anything that fast.   在尝试做出如此高速的任何东西之前,他们先得有自动扶梯。   Kwacha Kenge London United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Meanwhile our HS2 -Unwanted and unloved vanity project is on track to finish last in every dept ...No change there -Doing things the British way -the filed way and you still think we are the best in the world do you ? You are havin a laff shirley   同时我们的HS2——没用的不受待见的面子工程,上轨等待完成,最终每一部分…都毫无变化——英国人的做事方式——失败的方式,而你还以为我们是世界上最好的,是不是?你正成为笑料呢   JohnakaJJ Farnborough United Kingdom 14 hours ago   No survivors if it ever crashes.   如果一旦发生事故,将没有幸存者。   Monalisa Oak London United Kingdom 13 hours ago   That is the benefit of this Chinese technology!   这得益于中国科技的进步。   speakurmind Horsham United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Imagine if it was run by Southern Trains....It'd still be late and would be cancelled because of driver strikes every five minutes!   想象一下,如果它由南部火车运行....它还是会迟到和将会取消,因为司机每五分钟都会罢工!   Charlie Glenlorne United Kingdom 13 hours ago   I think these will be self driven to start with. There is no way a human can control it those speeds.   我认为它将是自动驱动的来启动,因为人没法控制这么高的速度。   steveh2731 MALVERN United Kingdom 12 hours ago   They could stick on a pair of wings and call it Concord.   他们可以粘在一双翅膀上,称之为和谐号。   Dave. Suzhou....Gateway to the East. China 13 hours ago   This thing will be up and running before that H2 thing the UK doesn't need.   这个东西将会启动并运行,在英国不需要的H2之前。   will22will Canterbury United Kingdom 13 hours ago   well i'm impressed with what they are doing however they are doing it   给我留下深刻印象的是,他们在做事情,无论他们在做什么。   Alan750 Bedford United Kingdom 12 hours ago   I remember this system being introduced by Raymond Baxter in Tomorrow's World in the 1960's. Nothing ever came of it - I believe there is an inherent flaw in the concept when implemented in the real world.   R03;我记得在1960年在雷蒙德·巴克斯特代的《明日世界》里介绍过这个系统,这么多年了什么也没实现----我认为这个概念是有缺陷的,所以现实中无法实现。   Whosaidthat MENTONE Australia 12 hours ago   Well please tell us the inherent flaw as you must know what it is to claim it exists.   好吧,请告诉我们内在的缺陷,因为你必须知道它是什么才能对它的存在提出质问。   Claude Botham Anglesey United Kingdom 14 hours ago   Must admit when I first read about Elon Musk's hyperloop it did seem rather slow.   必须承认我之前首次读到的关于伊隆·马斯克超级高铁,确实看起来太慢了。   K S Bhatt Atlanta United States 12 hours ago   stolen from USA   是从美国偷的技术。   Wayne Clarke Swansea United Kingdom 12 hours ago   Errrr no Briton first had the idea way back before the hyperloop.   在伊隆·马斯克超级高铁计划曝光前,英国人早就想到这个概念了   Marvin666 Liverpool United Kingdom 12 hours ago   China have been using mag lev trains for years - they currently have bullet trains that can go over 200mph. They are the leaders in such technology.   中国很多年前已经运行磁悬浮列车了- 他们当前的子弹头高速火车可以跑到200英里/小时。 他们是高速火车技术的领导者。   Grumpyolegit Cumbria United Kingdom 14 hours ago   I hope the brakes work.   我希望这个刹车系统是工作的。   Daver47 gloucester United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Good luck maybe you could put Kim on it.   运气好的话也许可以把金氏家族放在这个里面。   HornblowerRN Shoot down the Junker United Kingdom 13 hours ago   I wonder who they stole the plans from?   我很好奇他们从谁那里偷来的这个主意?   Monalisa Oak London United Kingdom 13 hours ago   From aliens they are in contact with!   从外星人那里获得的技术   jeff sunderland 13 hours ago   Maybe communism is the way forward.   也许共产主义是一个进步的选择。   YaaBooSucks Genuinely British United Kingdom 14 hours ago   "....which means it will crash at three times the speed of Elon Musk's Hyperloop!"   这意味着它将以马斯克超级高铁三倍的速度撞毁   r d franklin bangkok thailand United Kingdom 13 hours ago   It'll never be built. N.Korea's stupid behaviour and China's equally idiotic attempts to stop them will ensure the region will be a right-off shortly. Better to put the money in fall-out shelters China...or start manning up to NK.   它从来不会被制造出来。 北韩愚蠢的行为以及中国同样的傻瓜企图将会是这个计划胎死腹中。中国还是把钱用在建设核辐射避难所上吧, 或者是时候该给北韩点颜色看看了。   AnOpinion London United Kingdom 15 hours ago   Fastest facelift ever.   目前最快的交通工具。   Mrblogs County Durham United Kingdom 14 hours ago   Its copying the on that the germans built   它只是复制德国人造的东西。   SG4E Plymouth United Kingdom 14 hours ago   Eric Laithwaite maglev inventor - British of course!   埃里克·莱思韦特 磁悬浮的发明者- 不容置疑是英国人!   buzzingworld Dubai UAE 13 hours ago   Fastest Chinese Take-Away so far.......   目前为止最快的中餐外卖产生了......   Charlie Glenlorne United Kingdom 13 hours ago   I am not jumping into any of those not at that speed no!   我不会跳进任何那样的列车,不要那样的速度,不!   Tomcat MidwayupUK United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Where are the true 'green' policies that should say that we don't need to be continually transporting people over long distances it's dangerous both from a transport perspective and from the point view of spreading diseases that normally died of on the long trip from one country to another it's also wasteful in time because travelling long distances to go to work doesn't make any money except for the transport companies that is.   真正的“绿色”政策在哪里?应该说,我们不必再长距离运送人们了?不管从运输的角度来看,还是从跨国长途旅行中正常死亡造成传播疾病的观点来看,这都是危险的,这也是浪费时间,因为除了运输公司能赚钱之外,人们经过长距离行程去工作是赚不到钱的。   Gnostic. Blechley Park United Kingdom 13 hours ago   Love the first graphic. It looks like the jet engine blasts its exhaust straight at the passengers.... Or is this supposed to be a copy of the old French jet train where the jet was funnelled onto the tracks to make the train into a hovercraft??

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